Ep. 2: Building Authentic Relationships With Your Students

Collaborative Teaching Episode 2 - Building Rapport with your Students.jpg

Building rapport with your students is one of the most valuable things you can do as a teacher. Building rapport gets your students on your side and helps you have a smoother running classroom. When students feel connected to their teacher, they learn better, and helping students learn should be a goal of all teachers.

They’re going to really care about who you are as you show them that you really care who they are.
— So don't try to be anyone else

 3 Attitudes that Build Rapport

  1. Be real - true to self

    • Don't try to be anyone else

    • That funny teacher down the hall that everyone loves, you don't have to be like her

    • You have permission to just be you, and your students will love you for it

  2. be ready to laugh and to smile

    • Let your class be a place of joy; let it be fun

    • This is especially true if you teach junior high

  3. Be fair and consistent

    • Be consistent with your rules and expectations

    • Don't play favorites

Ways to Build Rapport

  • Letters to students

  • Reading and writing conferences

  • Modeling with personal examples

  • Book talks

    • Share books you have read, are currently reading or that made you think of a specific student(s)

  • Classroom decorations

    • Let your personality shine through


make at least 5 connections daily or 2 per block