Ep. 6: Back to School Night Tips

Collaborative Teaching Episode 6 - Back to School Night Tips.jpg

When we as teachers plan for the beginning of the year, we often don't think about back to school, until it's right upon us. In this episode, I'll discuss tips to make your Back to School Night run smoothly and get you the results you want from your parents. 

Really what parents want to know...they just want to know that their child is in the company of someone who really cares about the subject but their child as well.

Tips for Back to School Night

  1. Have a presentation

    Don’t wing it. Have something visual for your parents to look at so they aren’t staring you down the whole time.

    Plus, you can send the presentation out afterwards to parents that were unable to attend, and they will know what is important to your classroom

    • Slides you must include:

      • Contact information and tech used (e.g. Google Classroom, Class Dojo, etc.)

      • Unique aspects of your class

      • Donation slide: how parents can help your classroom

  2. provide A Handout

    This is a great way to showcase the really important aspects of your classroom. Include your donation list or link on this as well. Parents are more likely to give when they take this home with them, since there is a lot going on in their lives and they probably won’t remember what you shared after they go home. This helps serve as a reminder.

  3. Have a Sign-in Sheet

    Back to School Night is not for discussing individual needs. Provide a sign-in sheet which includes a column asking parents, “Do you want me to contact you? Leave your email if you’d like me to email you this week.”

  4. Greet parents at the door

    We are professionals. Let’s act like it. Greet parents at the door with a smile and a handshake.